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Benzie Salon Employment Opportunities


We are always open to meeting with people who think that they might want to join the Benzie Team. However we are a bit different than your normal salon so there are some things to consider. Below are some of the basic fundamentals that we pride ourselves on:

1. We respect our employees and want them to treat their clientele as if it were their own personal business.

2. We are not interested in anyone who is controversial. We don't care how many clients a stylist, or nail tech  may have. We don't like dealing with someone who may be troublesome to co-workers.

3. A good candidate for new employment should have three things on their mind.
To be:
A. Friendly
B. Clean and willing to help keep things clean.
C. Ambitious to learn and adapt to new styles and education.

In closing,
We at Benzie Salon are like a big family. We support each other and enjoy doing so. I have found that in this business there are two kinds of hair stylists. One that comes to get a paycheck, and the other not only for the paycheck but because they really like doing hair. We really do have fun at Benzie Salon and the earning potential is about as good as it gets.

If the profile of all the things mentioned above sound similar to yourself, feel free to give Gary a call
at 513-673-5791, send us your resume at benziesolutions@gmail.com