We at Benzie Salon always try and keep a good balance of price and quality. As with many businesses we incur price increases involving our supplies. Our staff is paid by commissions and to recover any increases instead of increasing our service price we directly pass on the inflation by a "supply charge".

Our color supplier (wella) increases the price of a tube of color by 70 cents per tube. We use approximately 1-1/2 tubes per color application. This would be on average a $1.05 increase per color/chemical visit.
If we were to increase the service price to recover that increase we would have to raise the price approximately $2.50 to cover commissions and employer tax contributions.
The supply charge is not commissionable and was set up to cover the direct cost increases without raising the service price too high.

Also, we have considered in the past other less expensive color lines.
We discussed this and it was a unanimous consensus to not compromise on quality.

This is not something most businesses will generally share but we consider our clientele as friends and we want you to know the details.

Have a great Day!
-Gary Benz